For instructions on how to access our schools Parents Evening System, please see the steps below.


1. Open a web browser on your device. (Note: this can be accessed on a device that is able to get to the internet)

2. Type in the top bar of the web browser:

If you are unable to access it via that link, you are able to type into Google "Ken Stimpson Parents Evening System" and you will get the first result of our Parents Evening page.

3. Once on the web page, to login you will have to enter all of the relevant details for the system to know who you are. 

From here once logged in, you will be able to access/book any appointments for the relevant parents evening you need to attend. 

Further Issues?

If you are having further issues with this and you are not able to access the system, please contact us via our form on the website via the link below:

KSCS Contact Form

Or contact us via our Parent Email address: