To access Remote Access

  1. Logon to KSCS Portal ( & select "Logon to a school computer"
  2. Enter your email address in the login box on the screen that appears
  3. Enter your password and press "Sign in" - If you are staff, you may be asked for 2factor logon at this point
    Enter your code and continue
  4. Due to the way Remote aCcess is secured, you'll need to enter your password a second time. Enter this and click "Log in"
  5. You'll see a screen saying "Connecting" - Once this is complete, you'll see the normal school desktop

  6.  That's it - When you're ready to logoff, click the start button and logoff as normal.

Please note: Remote Access connections are automatically cutoff if your computer is left idle for 2 hours - Please make sure you save your work if you're going to be away from the Computer.