To use teams on an Android device, please see the instructions below.
Please note: There are lots of different Android devices out there, so the screenshots below might look slightly different on your device.

  1. Download "Microsoft Teams" on the Google Play Store.
    If you are staff, you will also need to download "Company Portal"

    Microsoft Teams

    Company Portal (Staff Only)

  2. Open Teams on your device - The icon will look like this

  3. You'll then be asked to sign in - Enter you email address & press "Sign in"

  4. Then enter your password

  5. You'll then be asked to register your device, press "Register"

    Note: Registering the device registers the application against your school account. It does not give the school access to manage or view any files on your personal device.

  6. You'll then see the screen below with all your teams on screen.

  7. You may be requested to set a PIN number or biometric information to access the application.  Enter a pin number & press save.

  8. That's it, you're done. For further guides & instructions, please refer back to the IT Service Desk