What are we doing?

Over the coming weeks, we are starting the process of moving all school data up to Office365, firstly starting with Onedrive for your personal "Documents" area.

What is Onedrive?

Onedrive is Microsoft's cloud storage solution that's provided for free for use under Microsoft's Office 365.

Why are we doing this?

There are several significant benefits to staff/students also which we've listed below. 

Our original plan was to carry this out over Summer 2020 - However, with the Covid-19 outbreak meaning more of us are working from home for longer periods, we're moving this forward to provide you with better access to school resources from home across a wide range of devices.

What are the benefits?

  • Create, upload & edit files from your Desktop or Mobile Device - Without needing to use Remote Access
  • Collaborate in real-time and easily share files with other school users.
  • 1TB of storage space per person - Instead of the 0.05tb (!) we can provide at school
  • Quickly search within documents - Can't remember the name of a file, but remember the content?
  • Easy access to previous versions of documents.
  • Files are automatically saved constantly - Meaning your files are protected if your PC crashes or runs out of battery!
  • Quickly translate documents to other languages
  • View files with the Microsoft immersive reader

Think of it as an online version of your "My Documents" folder that you currently have access to at school.

What do I need to do?

For now, nothing. You can carry on accessing files like normal over Remote Access or when on a school computer. We'll be working in the background carrying out the below.

  • IT Services will start copying up your documents area
  • You'll start to see files appear in Onedrive - At this stage, please ignore them.
  • Once everyone's files have been copied, we'll email giving you notice that we're switching over.
  • We'll disable the existing "Documents" & do a final merge, so that onedrive has the latest copies of any documents you've worked on since the copy started.
  • We'll change all school computers & Remote Access to now use OneDrive.
  • We'll send out another email letting you know the work is completed.

We'll be doing this in batches, starting with Staff - Then doing one school year at a time.

How will I access my files after? Will it be different?

Once we've switched, you'll be able to access your files like normal on a school computer - Your "Documents" folder will now just be Onedrive.
But now you'll also be able to access your files via Office online & on other devices, such as iPads and phones. We'll send out further guidance on this at the time.

Will I lose any of my files?

No - Everything (With the exception of your "Downloads" folder) - Will move across to Onedrive.

Your "Downloads" folder will stay accessible within school (Or remote access) only

What about shared files in Workgroups?

For now, we're only moving your  "My Documents"
Shared files that are in workgroups at present will need to be stored differently

More Information will follow at a later date.

I need a bit more information - Can I ask a question?

Yes of course - Please get in touch via ITServicedesk@kscs.org.uk