Please see below for common questions & answers that you may have following the migration of data to "Onedrive"

If you have any further queries please let us know & we'll add to the list below

What have we done?

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How do I access my files?

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Saving Files

The biggest change you will notice right away is that files created on onedrive are constantly saved as you work - This means that you don't need to remember to press save & if you're working in the browser, you can just close the window & pick up on your work later.

However - Be careful modifying existing files unless you want those changes done on that exact document 

For example, let's say you have a document filled out already (I.e a report), but you want to create a new copy of that template with another students details

Previously you would have done:-

Open file  > Make changes > Save as 

This would have created a fresh copy of your document whilst keeping the original file

On Onedrive, doing it this way will modify your existing file as you change it so you'll end up overwriting the original file.

You'll now need to do

Open file > Save a copy > Make changes > Close

What If I overwrite a file or want the old version back?!

Onedrive keeps backups of all changes you make to a document, so you can easily go back to an earlier version at any time by following the instructions here 

What about shared files in Workgroups?

For now, we've only moved your  "My Documents"
Shared files that are in workgroups at present will need to be stored differently

More Information will follow at a later date.

Can I sync my files to my home PC/Mac?

No - Due to Data Protection requirements you'll only be able to access your files from home via the Web version or on a phone/tablet - If you wish to use the full versions of Office to modify your files you'll need to use Remote Access as before.

Where’s my downloads folder?

Microsoft doesn’t support storing your “Downloads” folder on OneDrive so we’ve kept these on our servers at school which can be accessed via Remote Access as normal.

When you save files to your downloads folder, you’ll need to move these into other folders in your documents storage if you want them accessible via Onedrive outside of school.

I see lots of files named "~$" or "Autorecovery"

These are old auto recovery files from before we moved up to Onedrive - These are safe to be deleted as they contain no current data. Only Staff and Year 13 will see these as we cleaned the rest of the years up before migrating.