Below is a step by step guide on how to stop replies happening on posts within your Teams area.


Please note. To do this, you have to be the original sender of the post. You are unable to edit other peoples posts if you have not sent it.

If you are the original poster of the message, you will have the option to edit the message which is where you are able to change the option for replies to be enabled for students. 

On the message, you will find 3 dots at the top right like below. Click on the three dots and click Edit. 

When clicking on Edit, under the message that you have written, find the letter "A" with a small paintbrush next to it to edit the formatting of the message. 

When clicking on that, you will have a option for Replies at the top of the box. From there you are able to change this from "Everyone can reply" to "You and moderators can reply".


  • When it says Everyone can reply, this is including all Staff as well as Students that are part of this team.
  • When it says Moderators can reply, moderators are Staff members within that team.