By default, anyone who is muted can unmute themselves to speak.
The meeting organiser has the ability to disable this - This can be done before or during the meeting.


  1. Schedule your meeting as normal - You won't be able to change the settings until the meeting is created.

  2. Find your meeting on your Calendar & click "Edit"
    If you have scheduled your meeting inside a team channel, you can also select it from there

  3. Click on Meeting options

  4. Change the "Allow attendees to unmute" to No & click "Save"

  5. Now when you start the meeting, attendees will be muted by default. You can change this at any time by clicking "Show participants"

  6. Then clicking on the "..." and selecting "Allow attendees to mute" - You can also enable it here if you forgot to do before the meeting

  7. If you wish to allow individual attendees to unmute, they must first "Raise their hand" - You can then select them in the participant view & allow them to speak

  8. That's it, you're done!