By default, anyone can post within a channel. If you are the team owner, you may wish to disable this, i.e A teacher wanting to stop students from posting.

Instructions ("General" channel)

  1. The procedure to moderate the "General" channel is a little different than other channels - to do this, click the "..." next to the "General" channel, then "Manage Channel"

  2. Select "Only Owners can post messages"

  3. That's it - You're done.

Instructions (Other channels)

  1. Click the "..." next to the channel you wish to moderate & click "Manage Channel"

  2. Then click on "Channel Moderation" & switch to "On" - You can then pick who is a "Moderator" - Team owners will likely be "Teachers" of a class team. It's up to you then if you wish to allow "members" (eg students) to reply to any messages you post.

  3. That's it, you're done.