Please find steps below on how to mute students in a Teams area. 


Note: This does mute them for Live Lessons as well. They will be fully unable to Talk, message in the chat or communicate in any way if muted using this method.

1. Inside of the Teams area you would like to mute a Student, find the 3 dots next to the Team name and click "Manage team".

2. When clicked on Manage Team, find a list of all the Guests/Students by clicking the Sidways arrow for the Members and guests.

3. Once clicked on, you will have a list of all Members and guests that are part of that Class Team, to then mute, tick the middle box in the Mute Column on that persons name. You can also mute everyone if needed by clicking the tick box at the top of the column. 

4. Once you have ticked the box for that persons name, they are then are not able to talk at all in the general Posts area as well as when in meetings/live lessons, they won't be able to talk with there Microphone or in the Chat/Conversation area.