As students don't have the chat facility available to them, you can't call them using this like you would with staff. However you can still call individual or groups of students over teams via the meeting feature.

Please note: If using the web version of teams, you must use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge 
No other browser is supported at this time


  1. Login in Teams & click "Calendar" from the left hand side

  2. Click on "Meet now"

  3. Click "Join now"

  4. Once in the meeting, type the name of the person who you'd like to call on the right hand side & press enter

  5. This will then call them

  6. If they are online, they'll get a notification that you are calling. They can then join your meeting.

  7. That's it - You're done! Please note - If a meeting is recorded, all members of that meeting have the ability to play it back.