Please find the steps below on how to upload files to Teams Areas using a iPhone and iPad. 


1. Open up the Teams App that is downloaded on your iPhone or iPad. (This can be downloaded from the App store, or downloaded by clicking this link:

2. Once Teams is opened and you are logged in, click the Teams tab at the bottom and find the relevant team that you need to upload files into. 

3. Once found, click the General channel and it will take you the main Posts area for the Team. From there you can then click the Files tab at the top to access the documents for that Team. 

4. Once in the Files area, navigate to "Student Work" where you will be able to find your own Folder in the list of Folders.

5. Once in your folder, you will be able to upload, create and store any files you need for this Subject inside of there by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the screen. 

6. When clicking Add, you are able to upload any Files you have stored on your phone as well as Image and Videos from your camera role.

You are the only person who has access to your own Folder area apart from your Teacher so they are able to mark/see your work. 

If you have anymore issues, please feel free to contact IT Services via emailing the Service Desk @