Please find the steps below on how to upload Files to Teams areas via Android


1. Download Teams from the Google Play store or by clicking the following link on your Android device:

2. Once downloaded, make sure you login to the app using your Email and Password with the school and you should then be able to get to the App.

Make sure you click the Teams tab at the bottom to get a view of all your classes that you are part of.

2. When on the Teams area, click on the General tab of the Team you want to upload and access. This will bring you to the main Posts area of that Team where you can access the Files.

From there, click the Files Tab to then get access to the Files Area.

3. Once in the Files area, you want to upload your work in your own personal areas. To do  this, go into the Student Work folder. 

4. When in the Student Work folder, find your name within the folder list and click on your folder. When inside of your folder, you can then upload what you want from there. 

5. Using the plus at the bottom right, you can upload Videos, Photos and any documents you want to Teams. Your folder can only be accessed by you and your teacher so they are able to look at your work. 

If you have any further issues with this, then please feel free to contact us at: