Please find the steps below on how to use breakout rooms. There is also a informative video that has been made on YouTube on how to use breakout rooms. Please see the link below.

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How to setup breakout rooms

Within your Teams meeting, to use the breakout rooms, you will need to enable them in the meeting before you can use them.

To enable breakout rooms to be used within Teams, you will need to look for the icon with 2 squares. 1 of the squares is smaller than the other one. It looks like the icon below:

When clicking on that icon, you will get a new menu on the screen to setup the rooms. 

Within the menu, as you can see above, you will have the choice of selecting how many separate breakout rooms you want (you can have a max of 50) to have in the meeting and also how would you like the students to be assigned to rooms. 

Please note - if you choose automatically, Teams will put people in rooms randomly and assign people as per its information. If you choose manual, you can choose who goes where.

Once chosen all your settings, just click create rooms and it will do everything for you. 

As you can now see on the right hand side of the screen, there is now a tab called "Breakout rooms". In the tab you can see the rooms are currently "Closed" and they are all empty. 

Before you can start the rooms, people need to be assigned to the rooms. To do this, click "Assign Participants" 

Once you click on that, select the students you want to assign to certain rooms and then click Assign. It will ask you to choose what rooms you want those certain people you selected to go to.

Once done, you can now see under the room, it will say the persons name you have just put in that room.

Once Teams now says "All participants are assigned", you can now start the rooms when you are ready, and then Teams will automatically move those people to the designated rooms for you. To do this, once everyone is assigned, click "Start rooms"

Once clicked, Teams will do its thing and prepare the room and open it for you. This means the students will be pushed to their rooms and then they can talk and have conversations in those rooms. You will know this has been successful when you see "Open" next to the room name.

Once this is done, you now have the option to join that room, close that room or add move rooms if you need. 

Once this is done, you have successfully setup Breakout rooms.

How to Join a Room

Once your rooms are active, you are able to hover over the "Open" green text to reveal 3 dots. Click on those 3 dots and you get multiple actions for that room. 

From there, you can click "Join room" and then it will put you in that specific room to then talk and have a conversation in that room. 

Once joined, it will open a new window and you can then talk inside of that room. 

If you want to leave that room, click Leave on the room window and then click Resume on the main call.

Once left, you can click "Resume" on the main call to then resume the main meeting not in a room. 

When clicking resume on the main meeting area, this will resume chat with anyone that is not in a room and they are just sitting in the main area. 

How to close a singular/all the Breakout rooms

With Breakout rooms, you have the option to close all the rooms with one single button, or you can close the rooms 1 by 1 which will then slowly bring the people in those rooms back into the main meeting.

To do this one by one, just like the join room method, hover over the room and click the 3 dots.

From there, you can click "Close room" and it will close that room fully and put everyone that is in that room back into the main meeting area. 

To close all rooms, there is a button next to "Add room" called "Close rooms". Clicking that will shut all the rooms and put every single person back in the main meeting area if they are in a room.

How to create additional rooms if needed

When using breakout rooms, if you find you need additional rooms because you haven't created enough, you can use the Add Room button to instantly make another available room to use. In Teams you can have a max of 50 rooms in one Teams call. 

Additional Features

When breakout rooms are in use, you are able to make an announcement to all rooms via a Text conversation message. This will notify all the rooms that they have an announcement they need to look at as a notification. This can be done by clicking the main 3 dots in the Breakout rooms tab and clicking "Make an announcement".

This will bring up a text box and will then allow you to type your message. 

You are also able to rename Breakout rooms to certain names if you wanted.

To do this, hover over the room and click the small 3 dots. 

From there, you can click "Rename room" and then you can change the room names to anything you need.

If you have any other issues or questions, please feel free to contact IT at: