To view the PPSS Teams & to join meetings you should switch to your "Ken Stimpson Community School Guest account"
This allows you to fully interact with the team & upload/access files within them, as well as join any conversation threads & meetings.

If you do not switch over to a guest account, you may still be able to access the meetings however you won't be able to access files or view channel conversations. If you wish to do this, instructions are here (Click here)


  1. Please make sure you have followed the instructions here when first recieving your invitation.

  2. You'll need to swap your Teams account to your Ken Stimpson Community School (Guest) account.
    To do this, click on your school name in the top right of your Teams client & change it to "Ken Stimpson Community School (Guest)"

  3. You can then see the PPSS Team you have been invited to & join the meeting from the main channel window.
    Please note: The Join button may not appear until the meeting has been started by the chair.

    (Click the image to enlarge)

  4. That's it, you're done! - Once you have finished the meeting you can swap back by following step 2 again & clicking on your school name.

  5. If you have any queries, please contact us via