To view the PPSS Teams & to join meetings you should switch to your "Ken Stimpson Community School Guest account"
Using the instructions here  (Click here)
If you do not switch over to a guest account, you may still be able to access the meetings however you won't be able to access files or view channel conversations.


  1. Please make sure you have followed the instructions here when first recieving your invitation.

  2. If a meeting has been created, the invite will be forwarded to your normal school email account & appear in your Teams calendar

  3. When joining, the message "Either the team has been deleted or you are not a member" - You can ignore this and press join.

    This is just warning you that the account your using (Your normal school one) is not a member of the team the meeting is created in.

  4. You'll then join the meeting normally.

  5. You can also join via the meeting invite that was orginally sent to you by the organiser & clicking on "Click here to join the meeting"

  6. That's it, your done! If you have any queries please email the PPSS help desk (