This is a brief guide on how to access the schools remote access system

This system allows you to view and access a school PC within any web browser, as if you were sitting in front of it.

You will need 2 factor authentication setup to access this service.

If you require any assistance at any step of this process, please email us


  1. On the staff or studdent portal, click the "Remote Access" Button - Or go straight to

  2. When requested, login with your school email address and password. You'll also have to provide your 2-factor details.
    Note: If you are already logged into Office365 this step may be skipped

  3. You'll then the screen below. Please enter your username & password a second time
    (Unfortunately, we can't skip this step)

  4. Then select "School PC" from the list.

  5.  You'll then be asked if you want to allow any local resources, eg allow copy & paste between your home PC and remote access. Select which you want and click next

  6. That's it - You're on! - We recommend you maximise your browser window as the screen will automatically resize to match.

  7. When you're ready to logoff, just click on the portrait photo & click on "Sign out"

  8. All done! - Any questions please let us know.