To access school email on your iPhone or iPad device, follow the instructions below

Please note: In order to maintain security & data protection you must have a PIN number (FaceID/TouchID) set on your iPhone to receive school emails

Downloading Microsoft Outlook & Setup

  1. Download the "Microsoft Outlook" app on the app store (Press the link below)
  2. Launch the app from your home screen

  3.  Enter your email address ( & press "Add Account"

  4. Enter your password & press Sign in

  5. If you have MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) setup you will additionally be asked to enter a code. Enter this code and press "Verify" - Note: You'll only have to enter your MFA code once during setup.

    Note: This is mainly for KSCS Staff at this time

  6. When asked if you'd like to add another account select "Maybe later" You may be shown a few instructions on how to use the app, it's up to you if you'd like to read these.

  7. That's it, you're done - Emails will now sync through to your device.

Using Microsoft Outlook

  • For further instructions on how to use the Microsoft Outlook app, please see the attached file